[Yhc] Strange build error

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 19:28:53 EDT 2006


> I can't figure out why Yhc thinks that Ix imports Data.Ratio, because it sure
> doesn't seem to!

Everything imports Data.Ratio, because its used for desugaring
rational numbers. Scons has a large number of dependancies, but not
all of them, so sometimes random disk listings give wrong orders, and
requires an extra Scons annotation. I think this is the case here, and
Andrew should be able to fix this quite easily tomorrow.

> The SConscript files for haskell98-1.0 and yhc-base-1.0 are quite bewildering...
> why is there so much in them anyway?

There is no dependancy analysis, all the info is baked in the Scons
file. Its possible we can move to using Yhc.Make once thats done -
I've filed bug 31.

> I might like to set up a buildbot, though I don't have much CPU or RAM...

That's not a problem - as long as you heavily nice the buildbot, it
shouldn't interfere with your work, and if it takes a really really
really long time to build, thats irrelevant to the buildbot - the
Linux PPC takes forever to build, but its still a really useful test!



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