[Yhc] Error trying to build Yhc

Clifford Beshers clifford.beshers at linspire.com
Sun Nov 5 11:52:03 EST 2006

Andrew Wilkinson wrote:
> On 11/5/06, *Isaac* <isaacdupree at charter.net 
> <mailto:isaacdupree at charter.net>> wrote:
>     What a bizarre error -- it looks like some spaces were interspersed in
>     part of ghc's command-line there!  (That is the right repository for
>     darcs-get now? The old one had worse errors of course)  Anyway, it's
>     repeatable... at least on my ppc Ubuntu-Edgy system...
> What version of scons is included with Ubuntu-Edgy? Is it 0.96.92? If 
> so then that's pre-release version of scons which I know causes 
> problems for Yhc. If Ubuntu are shipping it though I guess I'll have 
> to work out what the problem actually is...

That's the version in Debian unstable and I'm getting the same error 
when building from there.  Neil Mitchell suggested it might be caused by 
Unicode characters getting into the mix.  Seemed like a good explanation 
for the spaces.
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