[Yhc] Re: make tests

Michał Pałka michal.palka at poczta.fm
Fri Mar 10 15:55:48 EST 2006


The runtime was segfaulting for me, but, together with Neil, we found a
fix for that (attached).

I was also able to run the tests and most of them succeeded(!):
Passed: 50
Failed:  1
Total : 51
The one that failed was Queens which failed with this error:
yhi: jonkers.c:58: jonk_thread: Assertion `*p >= (Node*)G_hpStart && *p <= (Node*)G_hp' failed.
I suppose that it's the only test that make the gc to run. I'll try to
look at this problem tomorrow.


On Fri, 2006-03-10 at 12:07 +0000, Thomas Shackell wrote:
> Hi,
> I've (hopefully) fixed the UShort/UInt16 issue on AMD64 (though it's 
> kind of hard for me to test).
> Also a couple of patches have been added to the repository that mean
>    make tests
> should now run a load of unit tests.
> You'll need to re-run configure after pulling the patches though, as it 
> changes Makefile.in.
> Hope that helps :-)
> Tom
> Neil Mitchell wrote:
>  > I'll talk to Tom tomorrow and see if we can hack up a makefile that will
>  > do the testing on Unix. I would hope that given you can do hello
>  > world, you'll get a reasonable amount of success with the tests.

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