[Yhc] Can't compile

Andrew Wilkinson andrewjwilkinson at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 10:31:23 EDT 2006

> Looking in the included file that apparently should define
> 'FFI_DEFAULT_ABI' (src/runtime/libffi/src/powerpc/ffitarget.h), it looks
> like it requires 'POWERPC' to be defined, just as the x86 version of
> that file requires 'X86' to be defined, for it to define
> 'FFI_DEFAULT_ABI'. In build/ffih/ffi.h it appears to be defined (wrongly
> [for me]):
> /* Specify which architecture libffi is configured for. */
> #define X86

I have pushed several patches this afternoon that should (fingers crossed)
fix this error, amongst others. If you could try it again that'd be great.

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