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Andrew Wilkinson andrewjwilkinson at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 07:29:11 EDT 2006


I know Neil is quite keen on providing things like nightly builds of YHC
rather than people having to know how to use Darcs/scons to get access to
YHC. As one step towards this goal I'm happy to donate to the Yhc project a
build bot server. Simply visit http://www.indiegigs.co.uk:8010/ to get see
how changes to the main YHC source tree effect a number of platforms.
Currently this number is one, and it's a Gentoo machine so it fails on the
configure step because of libffi. I will also set up my home AMD64 machine
to run as a buildbot slave. Anyone willing to set up a Windows or MacOS X
slave please contact me :-)

Currently the master triggers a build every hour however I intend to monitor
the Darcs RSS feed and trigger builds directly off that. Once that is
implemented I will, if everyone agrees that this is a good idea, set up the
build bot to email errors/warnings from the builds to this list.

Andrew Wilkinson
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