[Yhc] Adding base libraries to yhc

Christopher Lane Hinson lane at downstairspeople.org
Thu Dec 28 23:42:52 EST 2006

I posted on the bug tracker earlier about doing this and now I am actually 
attempting it.

I went to darcs.haskell.org/packages/ and decided arbitrarily to start
with Data.Map, which I copied into the packages/ directory in yhc.

When I compile it complains about #if preprocessor statements, which 
enclose GHC specific code and could be commented out but also there is an 
#include and what looks like a macro that might actually be important.

As I understand it the preprocessor is turned off in yhc (thus the error). 
As far as I can tell nothing else in packages/ uses preprocessor 


1) I should enable -cpp specifically for this file or globally for all of 
yhc, or just for packages/.  (I'm not entirely sure how to get scons to do 
this but I need to take time and read the scons docs.)

2) I should remove and work around the preprocessor directives.  If I 
start making changes how does yhc keep in sync with any changes that are 
made to the base packages upstream?

3) It doesn't matter.  I should do whatever makes me happy.

Please advise.  Thanks.


(Submitting this a second time because I snagged the moderation filter the 
first time.)

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