[Yhc] YHC build finished successfully, but install is not "fairly trivial"

Jared Updike jupdike at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 11:39:24 EST 2005

Great. Thanks for the response. I'm able to run programs with yhi now!
Maybe I can help with testing on Unix (Linux), plus I have a Windows
machine and MS VS so I will try compiling on Windows for good measure.

BTW I added some notes to the YHC/Building wiki about YHC_BASE_PATH,
copying Data/Ratio.hbc, and how things are in flux.

Crazy Idea:
I have a slightly ambitious idea but I think it could really rock. I
haven't worked through all the subtleties yet, but basically I would
love to see Haskell deployable in //the most// widely portable
platform ever: the browser. My crazy idea: port the YHC runtime to
JavaScript! It's so crazy it just might work. I figure if people
ported it to Python and Java, why not go for the gold and get it
deployable on any machine!

The truth is, I was thinking about how to compile Haskell to
JavaScript for the last few weeks, and I was sort of intimidated at
the idea of even starting hacking the GHC RTS or writing a GHC
backend... but then I heard about YHC, and how it compiles to a clean,
small bytecode with a carefully separated VM/RTS and now it's actually
a possibility. It makes really small binaries (.HBC), it looks like:
hundreds of bytes, in the size range of Python .PYC files. These could
//definitely// be embedded into a webpage.

I would really love to be able to write dynamic webpages in Haskell
(totally natively, i.e. no combinator library or special embedded
language, but in actual Haskell 98!), or be able to run a Haskell
interpreter in a web browser for people to play with (e.g. on
Haskell.org), to make the best interactive learning tool /
tutorial---all without the website visitor having to download anything
or even think about that!


jupdike at gmail.com
reverse ")-:"

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