[xmonad] Issue 537 in xmonad: xmonad does not process urxvt+vim repaint request

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Thu Mar 21 19:42:01 CET 2013

Comment #3 on issue 537 by allber... at gmail.com: xmonad does not process  
urxvt+vim repaint request

Neither xmonad nor any other normal window manager, in fact, repaints any  
application windows in that case; application windows are repainted by  
applications in response to Expose events delivered to them by the X  
server, without any involvement by the window manager which is not even  
notified that this is happening. (The exception is Compiz and similar  
window managers, because they are actually compositing managers which  
reflect the application window updates into OpenGL textures in order to  
render them.) This would be an issue with urxvt.

While urxvt is generally better than xterm or the rest of the *rxvt family  
at handling tiling window managers, it does have some bugs in this regard.  
(Personally I find xterm to work slightly better than urxvt in many cases,  
but a lightweight VTE-based terminal is more reliable than either.)

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