[xmonad] Further xmodmap and numlock woes

Thomas Løcke thomas.granvej6 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 14:59:25 CET 2013

A while ago I wrote a post to this list about the problems that arose when
I disabled numlock with xmodmap -e "clear mod2":


I ended up "fixing" the problem in the legacy application, so I didn't have
to muck about with xmodmap. Or so I thought. Today it reared its ugly head
again, once and for all telling me that I seriously need to _completely_
disable the numlock key.

My first step was to upgrade xmonad to 0.11 and then I tried xmodmap -e
"clear mod2" again and of course it still didn't work: My mod key was now
non-functional again. /sigh

Next step was to dig out the original suggestion from Adam:

handleEventHook = ( \e -> case e of
                                MappingNotifyEvent {} -> return (All False)
                                _ -> mempty)

I added the above to my xmonad.hs file and then it failed with this:

Not in scope: data constructor `All'

Not in scope: `mempty'

I suspect I need to import something, but what? Here's my xmonad.hs file:


Am I missing some crucial parts?


Thomas Løcke

ps. I found xmonad at github: https://github.com/xmonad/xmonad is this
an official repository?
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