[xmonad] Issue 528 in xmonad: broken links on website

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Fri Jan 25 16:07:31 CET 2013

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Comment #1 on issue 528 by vogt.a... at gmail.com: broken links on website

It looks like links to modules were never right. For example  

The docs are done by this script  
<https://github.com/davidlazar/xmonad.org/blob/master/gen-docs.sh>. Links  
between packages used to work, but when I run it now, haddock complains:

Warning: XMonad.Layout.LayoutCombinators: could not find link destinations  
     GHC.Read.Read GHC.Classes.Eq XMonad.Core.LayoutClass XMonad.Layout.Tall  
XMonad.Layout.Mirror GHC.Base.String GHC.Show.Show  
Data.Typeable.Internal.Typeable XMonad.Core.Message

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