[xmonad] Issue 191 in xmonad: Mirror makes hint-respecting layouts misbehave

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Tue Jan 1 04:26:50 CET 2013

	Status: WontFix

Comment #2 on issue 191 by vogt.a... at gmail.com: Mirror makes  
hint-respecting layouts misbehave

A current workaround is to use XMonad.Layout.LayoutHints.

While there might be some cases where:

  layoutHints (Tall ...)

arranges windows with more (or badly placed) gaps than:

  HintedTile ...

those issues should be fixed by making layoutHints smarter (which would be  
a separate feature request). The former allows "doing the right thing" with  
Mirror, provided you use this order:

  layoutHints (Mirror (Tall ...))

Doing the right thing in this case could be expressed with [1], but that's  
not really worth it (and that code doesn't work with ghc >= 7.2).


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