[xmonad] Frequent xmonad crashes (SIGBUS)

Zev Weiss zev at bewilderbeest.net
Wed Feb 20 21:10:37 CET 2013


I'm running xmonad-0.11 and getting outright crashes fairly
frequently, often multiple times per week with my usage patterns.  I
can't pin it directly to any particularly specific action (like
opening/closing a certain window), but it tends to happen upon
returning to my machine after being away for a while with the screen
locked (with gnome-screensaver, for what it's worth) -- commonly, I
return to my workstation after being away from it overnight (or a
weekend), and upon entering my password and returning to my desktop,
xmonad catches SIGBUS and promptly dies.  It has occasionally occurred
under other circumstances, just during normal use (e.g., switching
windows & workspaces), though the screen-unlocking situation is by far
the most crash-prone.

I installed it with cabal & ghc from haskell-platform 2012.2.0.0:

[me at host: tmp]% cabal --version
cabal-install version 0.14.0
using version 1.14.0 of the Cabal library
[me at host: tmp]% ghc --version
The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System, version 7.4.2

utf8-string 0.3.7
X11-xft 0.3.1

Other potentially-relevant info:
RHEL 6.3, x86_64
X.org 1.10.6, dual-head

I have a core file saved via gdb from when it catches the SIGBUS -- I
don't think it has anything terribly revealing in it, but I'm slightly
hesitant to post it publicly, so if it would be useful for debugging,
let me know and I can send it directly (23MB bzipped, 5.8MB xz'd).

Please let me know if there's any other information I could provide
that would be helpful.

Zev Weiss

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