[xmonad] Issue 533 in xmonad: clearUrgency should be exported from XMonad.Hooks.UrgencyHook

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Tue Feb 19 20:37:15 CET 2013

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New issue 533 by JohnTy... at gmail.com: clearUrgency should be exported from  

I was trying to make it such that windows which are banished off screen on  
hidden scratch pad workspaces *never* get urgency set. It was not possible  
to do so without making my own Urgency Hook, which was fine, except that in  
order to make it I had no choice but to modify the source and add  
clearUrgency to the export list.  Since "clearUrgents" is exported, which  
just applies "clearUrgency" to all windows, I don't see why the latter  
shouldn't also be available.

     data FilterUrgencyHook = FilterUrgencyHook [String]

     instance UrgencyHook FilterUrgencyHook where
         urgencyHook (FilterUrgencyHook skips) w = do
             ws <- gets windowset
             case W.findTag w ws of
                 Just tag -> when (tag `elem` skips) (clearUrgency w)
                 _ -> return ()

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