[xmonad] Applied: Re: Patch: changes in Prompt and new module

darcswatch at nomeata.de darcswatch at nomeata.de
Fri Sep 21 23:45:44 CEST 2012

This 4-patches bundle was just applied to http://code.haskell.org/XMonadContrib:

20120628101749  c.lopez at kmels.net
 * Changes on XPrompt:
     * Adds mkPromptWithModes, creates a prompt given a list of modes (list of XPType).
     * Adds Setting `alwaysHighlight` to defaultXPConfig. When set to true, autocompletion always highlight the first result if it is not highlighted.
 Adds module XMonad.Actions.Launcher. This module allows to combine and switch between instances of XPrompt. It includes a default set of modes which require the programs `hoogle`, `locate` and `calc` to be installed to work properly.

20120628114533  c.lopez at kmels.net
 * Removes warnings, adds a browser value for LauncherConfig in haddock comments

20120811104805  c.lopez at kmels.net
 * Correctly get the autocompletion item when alwaysHighlight in XMonad.Prompt is True

20120811112502  c.lopez at kmels.net
 * Fixes typos in Actions.Launcher haddock documentation

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