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On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 5:33 PM, Raghavendra D Prabhu <
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> Regarding returning the workspace id of a window, I don't see it
> maintained by X (not atleast from Xorg);

Workspaces do not exist at the X11 level; they're an implementation detail
of the window manager, and the only standard concerning them is
opendesktop.org's EWMH.  You won't find any X11 or Xorg calls that know
anything about them.

xmonad's workspaces exist as part of the StackSet.  At the time a window
goes through the ManageHook, it is on the current workspace; any attempt to
specify the current workspace before that will fail because it's not yet
part of the StackSet (that is, the ManageHook executes as the window is
being added to the StackSet, and as a result it will be on the current
workspace when the ManageHook executes).  So, while you can easily query
the StackSet to see where the window is, there's no real point in doing so.

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