[xmonad] How to prefix workspace names with numbers?

Pablo Olmos de Aguilera C. pablo at glatelier.org
Fri Oct 12 04:03:57 CEST 2012

On 11 October 2012 22:53, Brandon Allbery <allbery.b at gmail.com> wrote:
> [...]
> Maybe if the X11 world offered a user interface that didn't feel like it was
> written by bonobos on LSD, I'd use it full time.

OMG, i've read so much funny stuff on this thread.

> I'd even be willing to put
> up with driver hell if the UI weren't just so horrid.

I don't which kind of computer do you guys have, but I bought this laptop
about 3 years ago with intel components, installed arch linux and there
weren't any "driver hell". Everything worked out-of-the-box.

End-user friendly distros like linux mint or ubuntu configures everything
automagically (which I don't like for myself, but it's okay for most people)
so I feel like we are speaking about "linuxes" around the 2000's.

> I mean, I'm not fond
> of Apple Mail but it's way more usable than Linux offerings....  But in the
> meantime, I need it to be around and I want it to be conveniently available,
> without being in my way.  XQuartz serves the purpose.

I don't understand how is that x11 could have a user interface =/. Isn't X11
just the window system?

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