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Alfredo Di Napoli alfredo.dinapoli at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 19:01:45 CET 2012

Oh, sorry, just to answer Joachim:

I don't want to be consider the new, official maintainer. I just wanted to
move something in a community that seemed to be dormant exactly as
the development of xmonad.
As I already stated in the prev email, Github was only a means to an end to
collect knowledge and expertise. I will still be happy to contribute to
xmonad on the darcs repo, but like a normal contributer.
My aim was only to convey in one shared point that where we can contribute
with our patches without the bottleneck of having a maintainer. We don't
need one in my opinion.

Said that, I am literally nobody to say something about XMonad, because my
patches are ZERO, so is my knowledge of the code base.
I'm still a true xmonad lover who uses it as part of his daily routine,
that was very upset to have to manually patch xmonad to fix the infamous
issue of focus with Java.

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