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Am Mittwoch, den 07.11.2012, 18:01 +0100 schrieb timothyhobbs at seznam.cz:
> Please don't be discouraged by this criticism.

yes, I agree, please do not.

But what I read out of Brandon’s mails is: It is not a different
infrastructure that xmonad needs most, it is active and enduring
maintenance and development. I’ve often seen people get excited about
taking over a project, throw over a lot of existing infrastructure to
set up what they want, and when the enthusiasm ebbs down, everything is
as it is before.

What I would like to see is new people stepping up to maintain xmonad,
but within the current infrastructure first. Go through the bugtracker,
fix bugs (including the hard ones, e.g. focus issues with java and gtk3)
put out a release of xmonad on hackage (remember, no special permissions
needed for that!), make it compile with GHC 7.6. Do that for a while
(say, two months or a little bit more). If you are still doing it by
that time, you will have earned enough reputation within the xmonad
community to be considered the “official” project lead and you will be
most welcome to change the VCS, bugtracker and website to whatever you
think suits the project more.

This also prevents the risk of alienating parts of the community by
rushed changes and effectively creating a fork – one still dormant, but
considered the real thing by many, and one developing away from it.

In any case, I wish you’ll succeed in reactivating the xmonad

(with his xmonad Debian package maintainer hat not on, but tucked under
his arm)

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