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On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 11:21 AM, Alfredo Di Napoli <
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> Sorry Brandon, I don't understand if is a praise or a rant :S

I'm not surprised a Holy Evangelist of the One True Church can't tell the

This is far form the first time I've seen some evangelist of the Only True
Version Control try to browbeat, protection-racket, or JW some project into
converting to the One True Church of Github.  The Mormon take (hey, it's
not on github, it's obviously unmaintained, leaderless, disorganized, and
without any version control whatsoever; let's do a posthumous conversion,
because if they'd only Known about The One True Church they obviously would
have been part of the One True Church, right?) is a new one, but not

Go preach somewhere else.

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