[xmonad] bump X11 dependency

wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu
Fri Mar 16 01:06:04 CET 2012

A corresponding patch just went into xmonad-contrib.

Thu Mar 15 20:01:06 EDT 2012  Daniel Wagner <daniel at wagner-home.com>
   * bump X11 dependency

   Strictly speaking, it probably isn't necessary to depend on a newer  
X11, since
   xmonad still builds just fine with X11-1.5. However, xmonad-contrib  
does *not*
   build fine with X11-1.5, and we would like to avoid the confusing situation
   where someone successfully builds xmonad (with X11-1.5), then finds that
   building xmonad-contrib requires rebuilding xmonad from scratch  
(with a newer
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