[xmonad] Bug in program depends on number of tiled windows

John Jumper jumper at uchicago.edu
Sun Mar 11 05:24:31 CET 2012

I am trying to isolate and/or work around a bug in the R statistics software
(r-project.org), and the bug seems to depend on how many windows are managed
by a tiling layout, regardless of how many windows are in a float layout.  I
am using R 2.14.2 and Xmonad 0.9.2.

Steps to reproduce:
$ R
> dev.new() ; plot(1, main='plot 1')
> dev.new() ; plot(1, main='plot 2')
> dev.new() ; plot(1, main='plot 3')
> # plot 2 is now blank
> # floating any of the plot windows and then resizing the tiled layout causes
> #     all plot windows to draw correctly
> dev.new() ; plot(4, main='plot 4')  # now plot 3 is blank

Opening terminals does not cause problems, so I do not think the problem can
be related to the size of the tiled window, only to the number of tiled plot
windows.  Any time there are more than two tiled plot windows, at most two
will draw.  The number of floating plot windows does not matter, which puzzles
me.  I cannot find any difference using xprop between a floating and tiled

I would like to file an appropriate bug report with R or create
a workaround in my Xmonad configuration that still allows me to tile the
windows.  Is there an important property that distinguishes tiled and floating
windows from the perspective of X, rather than Xmonad?

Thank you.

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