[xmonad] Applied: patch: ShowWName flash window background color fix

darcswatch at nomeata.de darcswatch at nomeata.de
Fri Mar 9 22:05:32 CET 2012

This 1-patch bundle was just applied to http://code.haskell.org/XMonadContrib:

20120306065224  Rohan Jain <crodjer at gmail.com>
 * ShowWName flash window background color
 While calling paintAndWrite for flash window, the background color from config
 should also be passed on as window background in addition to as text background
 color. Otherwise the window color gets set to the default black which shows up
 when text cannot span whole of the window.
 This issue becomes visible when the font size is considerably large or even in
 small size with truetype fonts.

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