[xmonad] XMonad.Action.KeyRemap make that I can't type anything + Alt Gr makes no effect

Théophile Wallez theophile at wallez.net
Tue Jun 26 13:05:01 CEST 2012


I'm french, and I use the dvorak programmer layout, on an azerty keyboard.

I installed XMonad yesterday, and I started to configure it a bit. 
XMonad.Action.KeyRemap seemed perfect for me, because I would like to 
change layout (azerty / dvorak, and later, bepo (the "french dvorak")) 

The problem is that : when I use "emptyKeyRemap", it's fine, I can type 
text, but when I use "dvorakAzertyRemap", I can't type anything (in 
fact, my key bindings don't change, and I can type in dmenu).

I attached my xmonad.hs. Also, the bug is not in my "dvorakAzertyRemap" 
definition, there is exactly the same bug with "dvorakProgrammerKeyRemap".

Also, under gnome / compiz, I can use the "Alt Gr" key, but under 
XMonad, it makes no effect. It's a bit annoying, because I need it to 
type accents, when I type in french with the dvorak programmer layout.

The useful lines are : 18 (import), 139-140 (binding), 161 
("buildKeyRemapBindings"), 258 ("setDefaultKeyRemap"), and 300-316 (my 
custom "dvorakAzertyRemap").

Thank you in advance.
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