[xmonad] Issue 508 in xmonad: The UpdatePointer action doesn't support XFCE multihead

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Tue Jun 12 19:15:18 CEST 2012

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New issue 508 by vox.cogi... at gmail.com: The UpdatePointer action doesn't  
support XFCE multihead

1. Start xmonad in XFCE as directed through the guide on the xmonad  
homepage. System must have at least two monitors.
2. Open a window on main monitor.
3. Switch focus to second monitor, using Alt-E.
4. Switch focus back to main monitor, using Alt-W.

One would expect the mouse cursor to start in monitor 1, go to monitor 2  
and then back to monitor 1. What actually happens is that the final step  
isn't executed, so that the cursor remains on the empty monitor.

If there is also a window open on the off monitor, the bug doesn't occur.

I'm using xmonad 0.10-3 on Arch Linux. I've attached my main xmonad.hs  
file, as well as a simplified file which exhibits the same bug. Neither of  
them have any output when fed to xmonad --recompile.

	xmonad-simplified.hs  142 bytes
	xmonad.hs  1.3 KB

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