[xmonad] Integrating boringWindows and minimize

Christopher Howard christopher.howard at frigidcode.com
Sat Jun 9 03:40:16 CEST 2012

Hi. I use XMonad mostly with the Full layout, and switch between
applications with the keyboard, but I wanted to be able to minimize
windows occasionally. The idea is to get them out of the way so I can
more quickly switch between other windows.

Anyway, I almost got what I wanted with something like so, trying to
follow online documentation (and guessing at what wasn't clear to me):

myLayout = boringWindows (minimize (Full ||| tiled)) ||| tiled

The minimizing part seems to work fine (minimized windows don't
display). However, when I switch through the the windows with the
keyboard, minimized windows apparently are still receiving focus. So,
for example, if I have three minimized windows, between two regular
ones, I will have to focus down three times before being switched
between the two.

(Thank you for your patience. I have to admit it's been quite a while
since I did any Haskell programming, so I've forgotten most of the basics.)


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