[xmonad] One status bar process, visible on N screens

Jacek Generowicz jacek.generowicz at cern.ch
Mon Jan 16 22:30:42 CET 2012


When running unity-2d-panel, the panel appears once on each screen,
even though a single process is running. (There is a glitch where the
width of the narrower screen determines the width of the panel, so it
doesn't span the whole screen width on the wider screen.)

At the moment I am spawning two xmobar or dzen2 processes, one for
each screen. This isn't really satisfactory: Requiring multiple
processes merely to display exactly the same information, and
hard-wiring 2 bars, is rather grating.

Have you any suggestions on how to configure XMonad so that a single
status bar is visible on every visible screen that happens to be
connected at any time?

Thank you.

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