[xmonad] Avoiding multiple status bar processes after XMonad restart

Jacek Generowicz jacek.generowicz at cern.ch
Sun Jan 15 22:21:46 CET 2012

Wirt Wolff wrote:

> This sounds like the dzen and xmobar aren't lowering themselves when
> they restart. I thought that was default in xmobar,

Seems that my config file set it to false for some reason.

> but you can explicitly add `lowerOnStart=True' to xmobarrc to tell
> it to do so.

Strange, doing this makes xmobar not appear at all ! (Which might
explain why it was set to false in my config file :-)

> With dzen2 IIRC it uses -e 'onstart=lower' to do the same thing.

Here too: dzen does not appear at all with this option set.

(Yes, I did try them on a screen with no windows on it.)

> There's a full list on:
> http://dzen.geekmode.org/dwiki/doku.php?id=dzen:option-e

That's uesful. Thanks.

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