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Chris Pick haskell at chrispick.com
Sun Jan 15 20:45:52 CET 2012

I've been playing around with XMonad and came across the helpful
PhysicalScreens extension.

The extension works well, but I had a small hiccup getting started.
As a Haskell and XMonad novice, I was pretty much copying/pasting from
the example at http://xmonad.org/xmonad-docs/xmonad-contrib/XMonad-Actions-PhysicalScreens.html
that's pulled from the source.  The import line contains a typo, it
says "PhysicalSCreens" instead of "PhysicalScreens".

I grabbed what I believe is the latest source with `darcs get
http://code.haskell.org/XMonadContrib` and the typo is still there.
I mailed Nelson Elhage, who let me know that this list would be the
best place to submit a patch.

Gratuitously simple patch attached.
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