[xmonad] Issue 182 in xmonad: Key bindings should be showable

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Fri Jan 13 01:06:41 CET 2012

Comment #9 on issue 182 by gwe... at gmail.com: Key bindings should be showable

Well, no one seems to bind xK_question either.

I've put together a definition. It works the obvious way: I took the keymap  
and edited it by hand into a table of the bindings and their Haddock  
description, used the `unlines` idiom, and piped it into xmessage (best way  
to preserve the newlines, I found).

you can see it run from GHCi here: http://i.imgur.com/4J2VG.png (Looks the  
same with the binding.)

Confusingly, it doesn't seem to work for me with xK_question, but it *does*  
work with xK_slash, suggesting Daniel is wrong about it probably just  

So we can either just accept that - hardly worse than xmessage being  
missing on Ubuntu - or maybe we could bind both shift-/ and ?. I don't know  
if we can do that, I've never wanted to do it before.

The patch is attached.

	newbies.dpatch  6.1 KB

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