[xmonad] EwmhDesktops vs. ewmhDesktopsEventHook

Toens Bueker toens.bueker at lists0903.nurfuerspam.neuroserve.de
Fri Jan 6 14:25:08 CET 2012

Hi *,

a new laptop has arrived and I have to migrate my xmonad-config over.
I'm basically using the "bla-config"
(http://bla.thera.be/article/improving-your-desktop-experience), which
makes use of EwmhDesktops.

Obviously that is no longer "in scope". As my haskell-skills are near
to zero (I'm just using it), I would be very pleased, if somebody
could have a look at the config and make use of emwhDesktopsEventHook
or ewmh as a hole and make the config usable again.


Kind regards,
There is no safe distance.

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