[xmonad] Issue 339 in xmonad: Support for toggling totem movie player fullscreen

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Mon Jan 2 23:00:11 CET 2012

Comment #16 on issue 339 by wirtwo... at gmail.com: Support for toggling totem  
movie player fullscreen

The only thing swaying me toward not building it into ewmh is hoping
to eliminate code duplication. It's a little painful to have so
similar a fullscreenEventHook here and in X.Layout.Fullscreen.

Been looking into using a similar to ewmh helper to allow replacing
the EwmhDesktops one with X.L.Fullscreen version. (Use the
X.L.Fullscreen one in handleEventHook and prepend a suitable layout
modifier to layoutHook) but there are several problems with that.

Prepending to layoutHook isn't always the right thing to do.

The NoBorders lessBorders options aside from Never (for multi head
users at least) won't remove borders from the layoutModifier versions,
nor will manageHook do a borderless fullscreen float for some apps
like flash without using the EwmhDesktops version.

So at the moment there are a bunch of solutions that work sometimes,
but it's looking difficult to find a way to eliminate the code
duplication and satisfy most users most of the time.

I suspect most people will move from ewmh to individually
customizing XConfig hooks, anyway. Or manually toggle to
noBorders Full for a few problem apps.

So all that said, I hope someone smarter sees a better way, but for
now, I reluctantly say okay, add the current
EwmhDesktops.fullscreenEventHook to ewmh.

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