[xmonad] Issue 479 in xmonad: xmonad & xft slow font rendering

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Tue Feb 28 18:47:45 CET 2012

Comment #1 on issue 479 by rlblas... at gmail.com: xmonad & xft slow font  

I also suffer from this problem.

I've attached a small utility which outputs large amount of text. In gnome  
I have around 30% CPU usage on X while running this app. But when I run  
this in xmonad X goes to 100% CPU usage. In reality there should be no load  
because the application is mostly sleeping (there's a sleep of 40  
milliseconds between the writes).

I've used urxvt in both cases (gnome/xmonad) for the above numbers but the  
issue is around with other terminals too. I use Terminus font which is a  
bitmap font. I also have an ati card with fglrx drivers (but the same issue  
is around with the open source drivers too).

	stringdump.c  468 bytes

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