[xmonad] Issue 496 in xmonad: UpdatePointer Nearest disfunctional.

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Mon Feb 20 20:09:09 CET 2012

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New issue 496 by egan.mcc... at gmail.com: UpdatePointer Nearest disfunctional.

Using XMonad.Actions.UpdatePointer Nearest:
1. Open 4 windows in Tall layout.
2. Switch windows with M-j.
3. The cursor (and focus) skips the upper right window when coming from the  
master window, jumping straight to the middle right window.
4. Switch windows with M-k.
5. The cursor (and focus) goes to the upper right window as expected.

Additionally, there are various instances where the pointer is not moved to  
the focused window on a workspace change. The pointer has to be moved all  
the way out of the unfocused window and back in to focus it. These  
instances are harder to pin down so I haven't any method to reproduce.

Changing from Nearest to Relative fixes the problem, so I think it has  
something to do with the thickness of the window borders and some rounding  

I'm using xmonad 0.10-2 on Arch Linux x86-64.
Configuration file attached.

	xmonad.hs  3.3 KB

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