[xmonad] Is it possible to reset Xmobar without restarting Xmonad?

Jose A. Ortega Ruiz jao at gnu.org
Sun Feb 12 15:01:14 CET 2012

On Sun, Feb 12 2012, Leo Alekseyev wrote:

> I am using xmonad on a tablet PC where I sometimes change the screen
> orientation.  Unfortunately, Xmobar doesn't properly rescale itself
> when the screen goes from portrait to landscape.  If I kill it and
> then restart, the new Xmobar instance doesn't communicate with the
> Xmonad LogHook anymore.  The only solution for me right now is
> restarting Xmonad, which is suboptimal because

I use XMonadLog instead of StdinReader.  I gave some details on my setup
here: <http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.haskell.xmonad/11754>.

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