[xmonad] Delays in focus update...

Allen S. Rout asr at ufl.edu
Wed Feb 8 22:01:19 CET 2012

On 02/08/2012 09:21 AM, Allen S. Rout wrote:

>  I haven't yet gotten bits distributed over other
> windows, but I fear that. Some semi-random set of keystrokes
> accidentally dropped in an interstitial root window. *shudder*.

OK, this has now happened, and yet wierder crap is happening inside of 
it.  I moved my pointer from my mail window, across a path that left one 
screen, crossed an Emacs buffer, and entered a shell.

I did this to type the command 'date'.  As you might imagine, that's an 
easy and fast one.

The 'd', 'a', and the 'e' landed on the terminal.  The 't' was inserted 
at point in the Emacs.

I've got a screenshot that shows it.



- Allen S. Rout

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