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On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 8:50 AM, Mario Pastorelli <
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> I'm trying to figure out why ShowWName doesn't use the dzen module to show
> the workspace name, what is the rule to use dzen instead of createNewWindow
> (for example) and why?

Last I checked, dzen didn't have a way to remove itself after a timeout; if
you want to do that, or you otherwise want to manipulate the window (say,
update or remove and post a new one of the user immediately changes
workspaces again), it's far easier to create it internally and pass the XID
around than it is to try to find/save the XID via the ManageHook.
 Especially if you don't want the window to be managed otherwise.  (Note
that, for the same reason you can't tell apps to start on a specific
workspace directly, you can't get an XID out of spawning an application; it
isn't known until the window is created, and not identifiable as belonging
to a particular application until the window is actually mapped, and the
ManageHook will receive it at that point.)

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