[xmonad] Xdmx as a solution to the multiple graphics cards, > 2 monitor problem

Jochen Keil jochen.keil at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 10:30:09 CEST 2012

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On 25.08.2012 04:25, Sean Neilan wrote:> As many of you may or may not
know, X11 is terrible at handling more than 2
> monitors. If you have 2 different graphics cards with 2 monitors 
> each, they have to be separate X11 instances which means you can't
>  share windows between all screens. Yuck.
I have been using three monitors connected to two graphics cards (and a
projector, so make this four monitors) as a single X screen.
All it took were two NVIDIA GT8600 and Xinerama.

The reason I'm not running this setup anymore has nothing to do with the
setup itself rather than my preferences.

> I have a GTX 480 & a GS 4800 and I can make local X11 servers run
> on both of them. Is it possible to have Xdmx connect to two or 3
> local instances ofX11? If so, then, I can have a triple display!
There is also a "Mosaic" mode which is supported by even the cheapest
Quadro cards (around 100Euros each). You could take a look at the NVIDIA
driver documentation to see if it fits your needs.

When I last tried Xdmx it worked quite well like advised in the manpage.
It didn't support rotated monitors, though.

> I ask this here Xdmx lacks a mailing list.
The reason that Xdmx lacks a mailing list is that Xdmx went into
Xserver. So you might want to ask your questions on the Xserver ml.
However, from what I saw, there is not much active development around

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