[xmonad] Workspace Layout for Dia

Eyal Erez oneself at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 22:19:16 CEST 2012


I'm trying to configure one of my workspaces for using Dia (

When I used Dia I have three application windows open:
1. The main drawing window (Role: "diagram_window")
2. Toolbox window (Role: "toolbox_window")
3. Layer window (Role: "layer_window")

I would like to have them setup in the following way (sorry for the bad
ascii art).  The 2 and 3 windows can be on the left or the right, I don't
really care, and 2 or 3 can be on top, doesn't matter:

|2|       |
|-|   1   |
|3|       |

The closest I've been able to model this is using the existing Gimp example:

dia      = withIM (0.15) (Role "toolbox_window") $
           reflectHoriz $
           withIM (0.2) (Role "layer_window") Full

However, this produces the following layout, which is good for Gimp, but
less for Dia:

| |     | |
|2|  1  |3|
| |     | |

How can I configure the first case?  It looks like it's a Tall layout with
the right ratio, but how do I get the right windows in right place:?

Thank you,
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