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On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 21:38, Sean Allen <sean at monkeysnatchbanana.com>wrote:

> nothing? <-- and handle all of the above issues manually
> gnome 2?
> gnome 3?
> kde?

KDE integration is somewhat broken at the moment because of some weird
extensions to EWMH KDE uses that are not presently handled properly (I have
a fix for one of them, but have not had a chance to track down another one;
both make KDE difficult to use properly).

Gnome 3 integration works more or less by degrading it to its fallback
mode, which is a particularly ugly (IMO) Gnome 2 setup; sadly, as far as I
can tell if you have Gnome 3 installed then that's the only option you get.
 (I have been trying to get it to behave differently with no success so
far, but that may just be something about Debian testing.)

Xfce integration as documented in the wiki is out of date... I have no
details there, sadly.

At the moment Gnome 2 is probably the best bet, with Gnome 3 fallback as
the next.

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