[xmonad] nedit-nc -tabbed no longer working

Ben Franksen ben.franksen at online.de
Mon Apr 2 17:43:47 CEST 2012

Hi Xmonadists

I am a long-time fan of the -- unfortunately no longer maintained -- text 
editor that goes by the name of 'nedit'. Nedit is built on the Motif 

Nedit can be run in client mode (the executable is named 'nc' in this case, 
for nedit client, on debian and some other systems called 'nedit-nc') 
meaning that it attaches to a running instance of nedit. If given the extra 
switch -tabbed, it will open another tab inside an already open nedit server 
session. Depending on a configuration setting, it starts a new server if 
none is found.

A few xmonad-versions ago 'nedit-nc -tabbed' suddenly stopped working. 
Instead of opening the file as a new tab inside the running session, a new 
window is opened. If no session is already running, I get _two_ windows, one 
with the file I specified (on the command line) and one with a new file 
('untitled'), which is quite annoying, especially in a tiling wm such as 
xmonad. There is, by the way, only one nedit-server session running, so the 
client mode works in principle, only the -tabbed mode is broken.

This works fine under all other window managers I tried, including those of 
gnome, kde, xfce, and lxde.

I tried anything I could think of to fix possible problems with my 
configuration but to no avail. I gave up then and went back to using kde 
when programming. But I am missing xmonad very much and would really like to 
go back to using it, so I finally decided to report this as a bug.

I think the nedit client mode utilizes some X11 feature for communicating 
between processes over the X11 protocol, but I have no intimate knowledge of 
X11, so I can't tell for sure. BTW, most linux distributions still offer 
nedit as a package, if yours does not the latest sources (from 2005) are 
available from the nedit.org site.

I would be extremely happy and thankful if someone finds a solution for this 
problem so I could again use my favourite window manager *and* my favourite 
text editor together.

BTW, I am currently on a 64 bit amd running debian testing.


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