[xmonad] From dwm to xmonad

Bastien Dejean eschyle at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 22:54:00 CEST 2011


I'm a dwm user in the process of migrating to xmonad and I stumbled upon
a few obstacles:

I would like to apply layouts directly without having to cycle through
all the existing layouts.

The following tentative:
    , ((modm,                   xK_f ), setLayout $ Layout Full)

is not entirely satisfying: I don't know how to apply smartBorders and
I'd like the NextLayout message to continue to work : so I guess it
would be better to jump to an element of the layout list... ?

There's a NextLayout message, but no PreviousLayout one, why?

Is there a way to handle the _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW property so that 

xdotool windowactivate foo 

activate the tag where foo lives, gives focus to foo and make it the

I can't go fullscreen with zathura or sxiv (but I can with mplayer)...

Concerning sxiv the binding which should trigger fullscreen has
absolutely no effects.

I only have the following user status setup in dwm:

    xsetroot -name "$( date +%H:%M )"

How can I achieve the same effect in xmonad with dzen2?


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