[xmonad] Can't use any of the contrib modules

Anthony Campbell ac at acampbell.org.uk
Mon Sep 19 12:28:35 CEST 2011

On 19 Sep 2011, Anthony Campbell wrote:

Sorry to follow up to mself, but I finally got the thing to compile,
though with one modification. I removed all the indents and, following a
hint I'd been given earlier on the Haskell beginners list, I was still
getting an "out of scope" error until I replaced defaultTConf with
defaultTheme. The xmonad.hs now reads:

import XMonad

import XMonad.Layout.Tabbed
import XMonad.Layout.Accordion
import XMonad.Layout.NoBorders

mylayoutHook = Full ||| noBorders (tabbed shrinkText defaultTheme) ||| Accordion
main = xmonad $ defaultConfig { layoutHook = mylayoutHook }

I think the documentation should  be ameneded to include this change?

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