[xmonad] Can't use any of the contrib modules

Anthony Campbell ac at acampbell.org.uk
Fri Sep 16 16:43:30 CEST 2011

On 16 Sep 2011, Amy de Buitléir wrote:
> > I'd be very grateful if someone else could try this out and see if it
> > works for them - perhaps I am doing something very stupid.
> It doesn't work for me either: Not in scope: `defaultTConf'. So it's not
> something you're doing. The example is just out of date.
> I didn't mention it earlier, but I searched both hayoo and hoogle for
> "defaultTConf", but no luck. Whatever package contained it seems to be gone.
> Can you describe what it is that you want to accomplish? From reading the
> example, it looks like you just want to get tabs on your windows. If so,
> something like this might work. Fair warning: I verified that it compiles, but I
> haven't tested it.
> import XMonad
> import XMonad.Layout.Tabbed
> import XMonad.Config.Desktop ( desktopConfig, desktopLayoutModifiers )
> myLayouts = tabbed shrinkText defaultTheme ||| Full
> main =
>    xmonad $ desktopConfig
>     { 
>       layoutHook = desktopLayoutModifiers $ myLayouts
>     }

Thanks very much - I'm glad it isn't just me! 

I didn't particularly want tabs; I was just trying to get at least one
of the modules to work, and then try some of the others. But I have had
similar problems with all those I tried; often they say the module just
doesn't exist when I try to "import" it. I'm beginning to think that
much of this contrib stuff is out of date. Bug report needed perhaps?

I shall stick with the basic set-up for the moment - it's pretty good
for me, really, because I like to work fullscreen most of the time.

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