[xmonad] Issue 447 in xmonad: installation breaks copy/paste feature of vmware-tools

codesite-noreply at google.com codesite-noreply at google.com
Sun Sep 4 17:31:00 CEST 2011

Comment #2 on issue 447 by p.raderm... at gmail.com: installation breaks  
copy/paste feature of vmware-tools

I have the same problem on a Arch linux guest(linux 3.0, x86_64) using  
VMware Player 3.1.4 build-385536. My host is Windows 7 64 bits. This  
problem has been happening for a while so it is not related to a recent  
version of the linux kernel.

Xmonad & xmonad-contrib are 0.9.2-2.1

As I work exclusively inside a guest, this issue forces me to use another  
tiling manager (awesome). No Copy/paste issues with awesome (the config is  
about the same)

For both, I use the open-vm-tools arch package. I am sure the vm tools are  
up and working because I can for instance switch to Unity or mount a shared  

In case this is related to "XMonad.Config.Azerty" here is the link to my  
xmonad.hs file:


I have not tried with VirtualBox so I cannot tell if this is related to  
Vmware but it does seem to be xmonad specific.

Thanks for your help.

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