[xmonad] Possible bug in XMonad.Util.Scratchpad

Džen yvldwt at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 14:37:21 CEST 2011

Hi everyone

I'm using XMonad.Util.Scratchpad and it seems like there's an issue
related to the focusing of windows while a scratchpad window is opened.
Best way to reproduce the issue is by using a simple tabbed layout from

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open two distinguishable windows w0 and w1
2. Open a (floating) scratchpad window while w0 is focused
3. Directly focus w1 (without changing the focus to any other window)
4. Move the focus back to the scratchpad window

Notice how w0 is briefly focued after moving the focus back to the
scratchpad window, bringing w0 to the foreground (instead of w1 staying
on top). Seems like the focus always drops back to the window which was
focused just before the scratchpad windows is opened.

I hope this somehow explains the problem that I'm experiencing.

Is this really a bug or just a feature?

Best regards


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