[xmonad] lockup when starting gvim in terminal

Anthony Campbell ac at acampbell.org.uk
Sun Oct 2 10:16:36 CEST 2011

On 02 Oct 2011, lumber wrote:
> Same shit. An archlinux user but i have the same errors with gvim 
> and no errors with 'gvim &'.
> I'm using x86_64 multi-core system now
> (i have i686 one-cored celeron and things are fine there).
> I do not use xmonad - notion instead, so it definitely not related to wm.
> Software versions:
> kernel: 3.0.4-1
> gvim: 7.3.322-1
> xorg-server: 1.10.4-1

So we seem to have eliminated xmonad as the source of the bug; it seems
to be something about tiling WMs in general. That leaves either (g)vim
or xorg. I tried to compile an earlier version of vim to test this but I
always get an error about there being no ncurses library so I have to
use the standard Debian package.

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