[xmonad] Oneiric update

wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu
Tue Nov 29 09:39:40 CET 2011

Quoting Toni Cebrián <ancechu at gmail.com>:

> When I do the xprop in that strip, I get:
> <snip>
> Perhaps de nautilus --no-desktop is not working as expected?

Well, the output you posted didn't set any struts at all. While I  
can't be 100% sure, it seems whatever window you happened to click on  
was not the culprit causing the blank space along the right-hand side.  
Try clicking a few other windows; you're looking for a property  

To double-check that it is indeed a rogue strut, you can take  
"avoidStruts" out of your xmonad.hs temporarily; if the space goes  
away after a reload (and possibly a layout ping, by default bound to  
mod+shift+space), then some window is setting a bad strut. This would  
make me 100% sure that the nautilus window you clicked is not the  


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