[xmonad] xmobar

Marco Guidetti marco at marcoguidetti.org
Wed Nov 16 10:28:45 CET 2011

Hi all,

I have started using xmonad very recently but so far so good, almost
everything works exactly as it should.
One of the biggest issue I am dealing with right now is xmobar.

I mean:
I use two different xmobar instances in xmonad (one at the top and one
at the bottom of the screen): the top one has time/battery/xmonad
stuff (as in windows, workspace and layout info), the bottom some
weather stuff/cpu and so on.
I start them in this way:
      xmproc <- spawnPipe "xmobar ~/.xmobaruprc" (for the top one,
which uses DynamicLog)
      spawn "xmobar ~/.xmobarrc" (for the bottom one)

Obviously this leads to having multiple instances of xmobar running
each time i press mod4Mask+q to restart xmonad (which happens quite
frequently since I am still configuring all the stuff I need and
playing around with xmonad to understand it better).

I have seen that in XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog (xmobar) there is a way to
do this (even if I still don't fully comprehend how to use it for the
DynamicLog, for example).
It's not clear to me how to use for multiple xmobar instances (as in my case).

Can someone point to relevant examples (I have found the doc/wiki
page, but I don't get it)?

Thank you,


On request, I can provide my full xmonad.hs

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