[xmonad] Revisiting XMonad.Prompt

Nathaniel Filardo nwfilardo at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 21:22:01 CET 2011

I have wanted, for a long while, to revisit XMonad.Prompt and make it
use the main event hook, rather than its own sneaky manipulation down
in IO land.  I've started working on it as I consider the current
behavior a bit of a wart, but it will mean the loss of
mkXPromptWithReturn and the making-asynchronous of mkXPrompt.  (i.e.
The String -> X () argument will be invoked after the function has
returned.)  In looking through XMonadContrib, it looks like most users
of XMonad.Prompt would be OK with this; xmonad-extras'
XMonad.Prompt.Eval and XMonad.Prompt.MPD would need to be rewritten
(which I can do, I think) and so I wonder if other users would notice
the shift?  If there's not overwhelming objection, I'll get a patch
out soon for people to review.

Thanks in advance.

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