[xmonad] Issue 482 in xmonad: Full system freeze

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Fri Nov 11 03:28:35 CET 2011

Comment #6 on issue 482 by daniel.w... at gmail.com: Full system freeze

Thanks for the report. I wasn't intending to discourage serious discussion  
of the problem, its repercussions, and what to do about it. It also turns  
out I misunderstood the comment I was replying to.

Going forward, it's a bit tough to identify what we can do to make the  
experience better. Do you have a good way of reproducing the problem on  
demand? Perhaps if you do we can find exactly what it is that xmonad does  
that confuses the display driver and work out a way to avoid doing that for  
people with broken drivers (until the drivers are fixed, of course =).

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